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Project Information

Alex Arun

C1 Block-2913, Sushant Lok, Gurgaon 



A bright , ambitious and a very hardworking student of my university , I have always focused on my academic performance as is evident from my grade sheet. Exploring the depths of science to develop upgraded & highly advanced technologies has been my childhood obsession. I have always taken keen interest in the technologies that are not just more efficient than their predecessor but are more economically viable & environment friendly so that every community of human species can reap the benefits of it in a sustainable manner. And all it takes are some tools like hard-work, determination, dedication, innovation & some guts to take experimental risks which are my defining qualities.

I aspire to be a renowned academician as I wish to be associated with study and teaching because studying is my passion. I have been doing good performance in mechanical engineering department consecutively for the last four semesters and i am working very hard to make sure that my every semester is better than the previous one not just in terms of academics but the overall productivity.

Various Interdisciplinary Projects Completed so far:

  • Project based on railway catering

The project dealt with the development of railway catering of Indian Express in Gurgaon replacing the existing system with a more effective & productive one. The solution, in the first place, is the hi fi caterers provided in the trains. Different trains have different type of catering system



  • Designing of a solar powered car.

A solar powered car was designed for the 4th semester project. It is operated by a solar cell, a battery , a usb port is attached to the main power supply to power up the solar car. The solar powered car also has a servo motor where an infrared sensor is attached to it. It senses the places where the car can go in empty spaces. The servo motor rotates itself 180 degrees. The turning of the solar car is possible by slowing the speed of one tyre at the back. If it has to turn left the left tyre will slow down if it has to turn right the right tyre will slow down. Just as an obstacle is brought towards the car the infrared sensor will sense it and will stop the car. The vehicle motion is being stopped over here.   


  • Designing of solar street light system along the roadways


This is the project mainly focused on solar panels that are attached on the top of the traffic lights. I had actually prepared a small model of it. A cleansing mechanism was added on the solar panel. It was operated by wipers attached to the wiper motor. Its wires were attached to the battery which actually operated it. For making the solar panel stand straight, I designed the solar panel in such a way that the aluminum L angle could fit to it. A cleaner motor was attached on top of the solar panel. It sprayed water from the nozzle attached to it. It also workedby passing electricity to it. Also a program was written on chips like Arduino for on and off the street lamps.


  • I have secured `7.96 CGPA in the university so far putting me in the fifth position in the list of my batch toppers.

  • I participated in the Robotics workshop 2014 organized by the university itself.

  • I have successfully completed the advanced Creo workshop 2014.

  • I Have won many prizes in extra-curricular activities like sports, singing, dancing, painting etc. in high school.








Academic Qualification (In reverse chronological order)



Board/ University

Year Of Passing



Embassy of India School Moscow, Moscow








Chiranjiv Bharti School, Gurgaon







B.Tech (ME)


G.D. Goenka University, Sohna



1st Sem(SGPA)- 6.25

2nd Sem(SGPA)- 8.86

3rd Sem(SGPA)- 8.96

4th Sem(SGPA)-9.00

5th Sem(SGPA)-6.15


IT Skills

  • Very good Knowledge of C and C++.

  • Very good knowledge of AutoCAD 2014 & Inventor 2014.

  • Very good knowledge of Solidworks 2015.

  • Have worked on Creo 2014.

  • Very good knowledge of Matlab


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